Everything about Swash coin. Get to know her before you buy them.

Swash is an ecosystem of gear and services that allow human beings, groups, and builders to liberate the latent price of information with the aid of pooling, securely sharing, and monetising its price.

Everything about Swash coin. Get to know her before you buy them.

- About Swash (SWASH):

Project type: Technical

Swash (SWASH) It is a stage in view of the Ethereum blockchain. It means to share information in a decentralized manner through blockchain innovation. Individuals are boosted to share their information so they can procure while keeping up with their protection Companies can get to excellent information without an outsider in a practical and consistent way Developers can just set up and fabricate frameworks inside a cooperative improvement structure The framework empowers all entertainers in the information economy to eam, access, construct, and team up in a computerized information biological system Swash is viewed as an environment for apparatuses and administrations which empower individuals, organizations and designers to help the likely incentive for information through.

Swash is an environment of instruments and administrations that empower individuals, organizations, and engineers to alter the inert worth of the information by aggregating, safely sharing, and contributing its worth .

- Services:

It offers a stage to share information and bring in cash through sharing It offers Staking administration through the stage.
It expresses feeling surveys, finish up polls, and pay for finishing the studies.

- Use of Swash:

- Paying awards by sharing data is utilized.
- Buying shared data is utilized.
- It is utilized in Staking on the stage.
- It is utilized in administration.
- It is utilized to pay Airdrop rewards.
- Paying the charges on the platform is utilized.

- Website https://swashapp.io
- Symbol SWASH
- Coinmarketcap coinmarketcap Link
- Explorers etherscan ,polygonscan , blockscout
- Twitter Twitter Link
- total supply 1,000,000,000 SWASH
- Source Code  Source Code Link
- Telegram Channel Telegram Channel link
- Markets kucoin , gate , mexc , lbank , quickswap , xt , hoo, honeyswap