Oraichain Token (ORAI) Best explanation of her project

In this topic, we will explain the Oraichain Token Which is denoted (ORAI) , we will talk about its projects and the scope of its uses

Oraichain Token (ORAI) Best explanation of her project

- About Oraichain Token (ORAI):

Project type: Financial

Oraichain Token is an Oracle data platform that aggregates and connects links artificial intelligence application programming interfaces to smart contracts, and serves as a foundation for creating new Dapps that leverage artificial intelligence technologies ,Orachain is the first oracle powered by artificial intelligence which is the new generation of smart contracts.

- Services:

The Orachain system contains AI API Market, Data and Order Center, Publisher Service, Training Service and Dapp Hosting Orachain provides the infrastructure and consensus mechanisms for Blockchain and Al training, it provides speed for developing Web3 and DeFi applications for enterprises and academia AI.finance is a DeFi platform that uses unique features and strategies depends on artificial intelligent Allows developers interact with smart contracts with programing languages such as Python, Java and Rust Offers DeFi service with prediction based on Al and yield farming Allows the creation of automated NFT and copyright using the NFT database and checking authenticity It provides Al Marketplace, a comprehensive store for all artificial intelligence services such as data, model, solution, user interface, hosting Offers Super Dapp, a platform for creating innovative Dapps that uses Al Oracles and ORAI Wallet

- Use of ORAI:.

It is used to support the growth of Orachain's products and services and to pay for services

- Website https://orai.io
- Symbol HORAI
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- Explorers etherscan , ethplorer
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- Markets kucoin , gate , uniswap , bkex ,  pancakeswap