solve coin project , is it a good cryptocurrency for invest in 2022 ?

what is the solve coin , utility token of the , price of the solve care coin , powerful digital health networks

solve coin project , is it a good cryptocurrency for invest in 2022 ?
solve coin and solve care

health care is so broken in the United States and in other countries around the world . Also but this blockchain project that has been around our space for three years can even , Help a lot in fixing some of the biggest problems you suffer from.. In this topic we will talk about the solve coin project

- What is the solve coin

solve coin care is a healthcare platform company that uses blockchain to redefine care coordination improves access to care reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world and is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum Network.

- The stage decentralizes medical services by tokenizing five key perspectives:

1 - Identity

Customary medical care character frameworks are divided, difficult to get and restrictive. The tokenization of personality, then again, gives namelessness choices. It is the ideal answer for safeguarded medical care since tokenization essentially lessens risk, in light of the way that medical care information can't be penetrated in the event that it isn't there in any case.

2 - Data

On the SolveCare stage , medical care associations can give responsibility for back to clients. The fundamental blockchain will reexamine the manner in which electronic wellbeing records are shared and put away. The innovation empowers patients, designers , medical care associations , and any member to hold responsibility for .

3 - Consent :

Conventional medical services frameworks neglect to give straightforward approaches to patients to give or deny assent for the use of care information. Care.Protocol , then again , empowers your association to fabricate GDPR , HIPAA and Hitrust consistent advanced medical services networks through shrewd agreements or utilizing robotized frameworks like Care.Tags.

4 - Transaction :

Using blockchain guarantees the exchange information is secure and checked. Care. Convention decentralizes exchanges where members collaborate straightforwardly. There are no mediators to deal with exchanges; subsequently there is no weak link

5 - Payments :

Through using the SOLVE token as a between network and intra-network type of computerized installments , organizations can be effectively enacted to rapidly handle exchanges because of the idea of the stage making a full-stack organization of character , assent , exchanges , installments , and interoperability.

Type Projet : Services

- What does solve coin do ( Sevices )

- The solve coin Care platform allows for digital health networks celled Care Networks. to be built and run for patient-centric care based on medical conditions , economic and social needs , and

other tailored eligibility criteria .

- Creating an entire healthcare ecosyslem. by using the Solve care platform

- Companies can launch interconnected and interoperable dApps for healthcare

- Use of Solve coin

it is used for interintra network paymentsAnd transaction rees t is used to pay for developer rights marketplace payments and platform access fees

- What is solvecare :

 it's a robust healthcare platform that handles everything administering benefits managing payments etc and they integrate blockchain tech and their own native crypto token called solve they're the first company to use cryptocurrency and blockchain for real-world payments .

 within their care networks in 2018 this was launched live to over 5 500 physicians in arizona and they have real clients like the arizona care network and boeringer ingelheim which is a big pharma company they've also partnered with uber health and lyft as well to deliver various services and they're led by star ceo pradeep goel who's been recognized by goldman sachs and has worked in the obama administration on the medicare and medicaid programs besides pradeep other senior team members have also collectively decades worth of experience in healthcare finance and technology

 - this project self-care is a multi-time award winner by various groups like blockchain live , world blockchain awards sso and impact awards beating out other projects and other platforms like ibm in the process super impressive .

- How much is solve coin worth

 The value of solve in August of 2022, 21.97 million usd , and has reached its highest market value during the month of October last year where it swallowed its market value of 188 million dollars, and also recorded its lowest market value during the month of February 2018 with a market value of 8 million dollars

- Parts of the Platform

- Care.Wallet : A customized medical services manager for people and suppliers

- Care.Cards : Purpose constructed applications inside the Care.Wallet that fit a person's or alternately supplier's particular requirements

- Tackle : An interesting digital money for medical services, usable for exchanges on the Solve.Care Platform

- Care.Protocol : An unchanging, decentralized application convention that oversees a Care Network

- Care.Vault : A protected stockpiling for information with oversaw admittance capabilities

- Care.Ledger : Events are recorded on a record that gives auditability in light of consents

 - How solve care works

first we can take a look at the clients that they usually serve with this platform insurance companies healthcare

 administrators clinics large employers and government agencies those are common types of clients for self-care

 and what self-care really does is to help them establish the care administration networks and so those touch on a lot of different end users per you have patients you have clinicians you have administrators those care networks

 all of them together and within their platform there are some key components that different entities utilize

 and interact with you've got your care wallet for the patients and the providers to hold different cards which we'll touch on in a bit and coins and it really enables peer-to-peer transactions between all the different entities

 in the ecosystem for example scheduling enrollment , submitting claims paying bills and much more we all have done this before in the health care system so you have a good idea on what all is handled within the wallet these care cards are specialized apps that developers can build and really just help manage health and well-being

 for different types of diseases or different high-risk groups that can have their own card for example they also have a care coin which is a programmable token meant to be transparent and flexible to manage payments automate things etc lastly they have a care protocol which is just a general set of rules that lets you automate transactions between

 different parties while coordinating care and there's

 - How blockchain is involved :

also a blockchain underneath it all and  this is the distributed ledger for all care events to keep all parties in sync in terms of the ground truth and the smart contracts also define all takeholder relationships like patient to doctor patient to insurer and you can imagine the rest and their payment tokens also handled by the blockchain for faster and cheaper payments infrastructure

- Solve token

there are two tokens involved in the platform number one is the care coin this is stable payment currency issued by payers like the insurance companies and these are backed by their financial holdings which could be in any fiat currency per se there's no fixed supply and it's not tradable in the public markets on the other hand they do have a platform token called the solve coin it is erc20 and you need to hold this and utilize this to participate and transact on the platform so you use this to pay the care administration network fees establishing wallets purchasing cards emission of coins payments using coins marketplace participation all of these different actions and activities you need to solve coin and so all these big healthcare organizations they need to purchase solve in order to operate their care network there's a fixed supply and it's tradable so the price is variable

 and it's available on major exchanges already at time of shooting bittrex kucoin uniswap etc and it's currently in the top 200 in terms of overall market cap if you look at it's around the 170s currently and they just need more clients signed and more clients actively using the platform so that there's demand and they have to buy the salt token to increase adoption and potentially increase

 price and maybe more token utilities baked in as well that always helps if you're an investor looking for opportunity and price appreciation or hidden games that are smaller in terms of marketcap so looking ahead

- Where can you buy solve coin ?

solve coin has been listed on 8 popular sites with a daily trading value of $1.5 million

Kucoin , Bittrex , Uniswap , Indodax , Upbit , Bitmart , Hitbtc , Litebite 

- Max Supply : 1,000,000,000 SOLVE

- Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 SOLVE

- Circulating Supply : 482,324,962.51 SOLVE

Solve price /  

High : 0.5147 dollar  /  0.000001963  bitcoin  / 0.00002654  ethereum  ( 5 jun  2021 )

lows : 0.02452 (18  june  2022) . 

Price live ( Current prix ) 

information and links 

- website official   - link 1 , link 2 
- Symbol   SOLVE
- Coinmarketcap - coinmarketcap link 
- Explorers - Etherscan , Ethplorer
- Total Supply - 1,000,000,000 SOLVE
- Twitter - Twitter link
- Source Code  - Github

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