Top 5 Best stablecoin 2022 For investment and staking

There are many stablecoins , what are the best stablecoins for investment and staking in 2022 based on their pros and cons

Top 5 Best stablecoin 2022 For investment and staking
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Stablecoins have a very high risk to crypto currencies and the great danger has become not only the collapse of projects or Cryptocurrencies but the collapse of stablecoins , especially after what we saw with the event with the UST stablecoin , which is one of the projects Terra and also the USDD coin of Tron , whose price began to decline and deteriorate .

So the stablecoin is thought to be stable at $1 and maintain the bond of the USD value of $1, but now some currencies have not maintained this correlation such as USDD one USD of which is not equal to 1 real dollar where the price fell to 0.95 $ .

The collapse of any other stablecoin may cause a big problem, especially in this situation where we are now, where every news, even if it is simple, negatively affects coin and causes panic for investors , not just fear

This is in addition to the governments of world's preventing cryptocurrencies

Imagine the market now, like the wounded person who was in a car accident, this wounded man just touching a light touch will hurt, that's the case now. 

What are the TOP best stablecoin and safest coins during this period :

On this article we will talk about 05 popular stablecoins and explain their pros and cons but quickly .

- Before that what is a stablecoin And what does that term mean ? :

concept of stablecoin is a fixed-value tokens backed by the value of the USD, euro or yuan and is supposed to remain maintained at the same fixed number, for example 1 USD cash = 1 USD of stablecoin and available to deal with permanently and constantly, like 1 usdt ( Tether ) = 1 $ .

Let's start with the first coin : 



Ranked first best stablecoin and tether is a coin of Tether , established in 2014, at the time it was named Realcoin and then renamed for the current name, with a market value of 68 billion USD and is in first place in terms of ranking between stablecoins and third place in terms of ranking between other coins after bitcoin and eth . 

Tether's highest value is 1.07 USD , and the lowest value is 0.91 USD.

- Information about Tether stablecoin :

- Name: Tether

- Symbol: USDT

- Market Cap pegged : $67,5 billion / Trading Volume in last 24H : $50 billion

- Website - TwitterExplorerWhitepaper 

- USDT live price:

- USDT ( Tether ) Pros :

1- Is the largest among the most stablecoins used and interest Among customers , available to buy coins on almost all platforms and liquidity is very high .

2- Tether used by many because it is one of the first and has been in place for a very long time, and tether also says that every $1 usdt (Tether) stablecoins is supported by 1 real $

3 - It is the most stablecoin worth $1 fixed compared to other stablecoins that fluctuate sometimes and come down for example to become 99 cents or 98 cents or less, now the situation is different until usdt itself has become worth less than $1 

4 - it's guaranteeing among stablecoins

- USDT (Tether) Cons :

1- TETHER lacks transparency with its users, especially with regard to the issue of the association of one usdt with a real dollar increase and this point is specifically questionable by many and makes people uninsured for their money and with USDT ( TETHER ) especially the fear of repeating what happened with UST and losing its association with the value of 1$ and collapsing to a few cents.

2- There are many accusations that Tether is used to manipulate the price of Bitcoin as well as its use in money laundering operations .


02 – USDC (USD Coin) : 

Ranked second best stablecoin and it is a coinbase platform launched in September 2018 and is the second largest market value among stablecoins , with a market value of $55 billion today.

USDC's highest value is 1,04 USD , and the lowest value is 0,97 $.

- Information about USDC stablecoin :

- Name: USD COIN

- Symbol: USDC

Coin Market Cap : $55,8 billion / Trading Volume in last 24H : $5 billion

Exchanges : more than 1500

- Website - TwitterExplorerWhitepaper 

- USDC live price:

- USDC Pros :

1 - Confidence in them is very high and is considered one of the most stablecoins that exist today despite the current situation, it still maintains its association with the value of the dollar and did not drop its price below 1 USD , as it is backed by cash coverage in dollars and U.S. bonds by 100%, and also checks in this regard with periodic thanks and provides great transparency compared to usdt .

2- Used by many companies and applications, it also works on many blockchain networks and is available on most platforms .

3- Many services at this time are beginning to accept USDC as a means of payment to facilitate financial transactions with people .

- USDC Cons : 

1- The coin is completely central and this is contrary to the principle of decentralization that bitcoin brought in freedom from the control of bank and their laws, of course this does not mean that the rest of the stablecoins for example usd t is decentralized, on the contrary these coins are all central except for one we will talk about later .


03 - BUSD ( BINANCE USD ) : 

Ranked thired best stablecoin and it is the coin of the platform Binance stable and very famous, we find it in third place among stablecoins , divided market $17 billion currently, established through a partnership between The Company Binance itself with PAXOS .

USDC's highest value is 1,05 USD and the lowest value is 0,97 USD .

- Information about BUSD ( binance usd ) stablecoin :

- Name: binance usd 

- Symbol: BUSD

- Coin Market Cap: $17,5 billion / Trading Volume in last 24H : $5 billion

- Website - TwitterExplorerSource code 

- BUSD live price:

- BUSD Pros :

01- It is the first stablecoin to receive official approval from the New York State Department of Financial Services. 

02- The stablecoin is covered by 100% in US dollars and checked on a monthly basis, meaning more transparency compared to usdt .

03- It is famous for a very low commission when sending or receiving compared to stablecoin exchange stickers such as USDC , which sometimes amounts to $1

- BUSD Cons :

01- After looking for currency negatives, it is the same thing that is said about the USDC currency as being centralized and also having one institution to control it.

02- Inability to stabilize at $1 


04 - DAI (MAKER DAO) :

Ranked fourth best stablecoins and it is Founded in 2017, it ranks fourth in terms of stablecoins in terms of market value, valued at $6.5 billion, this stablecoin belongs to an organization called MAKER DAO, a decentralized currency.

DAI's highest value is $1,09 and the lowest value is $0,96 .

- Information about DAI :


- Symbol: DAI 

Market Cap : $6,78 billion / Volume in last 24H : $335 million

- DAI Website - TwitterExplorergithub 

- DAI live price:

- DAI Pros :

1- This stablecoin is classified as the only stable decentralized currency and is of course one of the algorithm coin backed by other coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others 

- What are algorithmic currencies:

The mechanism of action of these coins such as the ust currency mechanism that collapsed but dai differs in terms of stability, strength and confidence between the crypto community .

2- It enjoys great confidence in the cryptocurrency community because of the flexible nature of its work and transparency and of course because it is decentralized, and because the number of projects associated with it is more than 400 projects, services and decentralized applications .

3- The strength of the currency that comes from the confidence of the community in it because of its survival from the disaster of 2018 and the large fluctuations that became that year in Digital currencies, but resisted and was not affected by its price, which is contrary to what happened with the currency UST and its collapse and also resisted when the situation deteriorated in 2020 when the closures occurred in the world due to the virus Covid .

- DAI Cons :

Frankly, there are no negatives or things worth mentioning, or they're considered as big negatives, maybe just falling below $1. 

TUSD ( TrueUSD )

05 - TUSD ( TrueUSD ) :

Ranked fifth best among stablecoins and it is a stablecoin founded in 2018 by a company called TRUST TOKEN, this currency ranks 5 in terms of market value among stablecoins worth approximately $1.25 billion at present.

 TUSD's highest value is $1,08 and the lowest value is $0,97 .

- Information about TUSD :

- Name: True USD

- Symbol: TUSD

- Market Cap: $1,21 billion / Volume in last 24H : $65.2 million

- Website - TwitterExplorergithub 

- TUSD live price:

- TUSD Pros :

1- It is very stable on 1 $ and also supported by banks and us dollars with constant scrutiny to make sure that 1 TUSD is matched by 1 real $ .

- TUSD Cons :

1- The rest of the features when looking for them we will notice similarity between them and USDC and this thing leads us to negativity in this stablecoin which is central .

2- TUSD stablecoin there are matters relating to kyc documentation .

3- There are laws that enable the company to confiscate a person's money if they consider that he has broken the laws .

- Stablecoins problem: 

The problem of stablecoins today is that after the accident of LUNA currency and its stablecoin UST and the loss of its connection worth $1, the issue of the loss of stablecoins in the value of the dollar became an issue and the possibility of occurrence and the duty to be careful and constantly monitor the situation with rapid behavior in case I felt that there is any problem that may occur, and in the end let us not forget that this market is full of risk and this is very normal and exists in all kinds of investments and not only in the field of crypto .

- List Other popular Stablecoin :

1- Neutrino USD (USDN) .

2- USDD .

3- Fei USD (FEI) .

4- sUSD (SUSD) .

5- TerraClassicUSD (USTC).

6- Frax (FRAX).

7- USDX [Kava] (USDX) .

8- Tribe (TRIBE).

9- Celo Dollar (CUSD).

10- Ampleforth (AMPL).

- what is the safest stablecoin for buying : 

From a safe point of view in most stablecoins they are very safe and can not be penetrated or stolen, but in terms of their stability can not be believed, that is why caution comes and see their news all the time until it is possible to take the right bitumen in time, when our point of view is considered the stablecoin usdt the most stable .

In the end, be wary of stablecoins fluctuations, because the cryptocurrency market is unstable, and once you feel threatened, you should act immediately.

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