what is grin coin ? Is it good for investment

Things you did not know before about Grin coin and a comprehensive explanation of it. Is it a good coin to invest

what is grin coin ? Is it good for investment
grin coin

what is the grin coin and what is the principle of its work ? :

IIt is a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency that keeps privacy ,openly created by developers distributed around the world, implementing the Mimblewimble protocol to strike a balance between privacy and scalability. The chain doesn't contain addresses, money nor anything to store consumed output data. It is funded and developed through as well as voluntarily by contributors. Everyone can discuss, influence or work on its development

Grin was launched without initial rewards, ICO or developers and relies on fundraising to support the development of its project, and Grin enables anyone to deal or save modern funds without fear of external control or persecution and is designed for decades and generations to come and not just tomorrow. grin team wants it to be usable by everyone. 

- What Is Mimblewimble? :

Mimblewimble is a blockchain protocol that permits for a totally private transaction platform through a unique safety framework that is markedly special from that of the pseudonymous Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In Mimblewimble, there aren't any addresses and transactions are completely personal. Its dispensed ledger is likewise rather more compact than the opposite chains inside the crypto space.
Fittingly, Mimblewimble become evolved with the aid of anonymous users who went by way of the call Tom Elvis Jedusor, that's a French counterpart for “Voldemort.” in line with Jedusor, Mimblewimble is designed to affect more privateness and scalability than Bitcoin.

- Project type : financial

- how much is a penny grin coin worth ? : 

Since its listing on the exchang, grin has reached the highest value of grin price 10.3 usd on January 2022, but later collapsed to a low of 0.063 usd  during May 2022, and its current evening is 0.069 usd / 0.00000355 bitcoin / 0.0000652 Ethereumas  , you can see the current price of it as shown below , It also ranks 841st among cryptocurrencies

- Price of grin :

- Information and links about grin coin :

- What services grin provide :

Offers electronic transactions without censorship or restrictions Grin enables anyone to transact or save up-to-date money without fear of outside control or persecution 
Grin cannot be controlled by any company, organization or individual. The distribution of coins is designed to be as fair as possible, with 1 GRIN issued per second.

- Use of GRIN :

It is used to pay for the services and goods.

- grin coin mining profitability calculator :

There are many websites that calculate the mining currency, the most famous of which is minerstat.com, the best in its field , Its reliance lies in the process of calculating grin coin  mining

 - Coin Name  - GRIN
 - Algorithm:  - cuckAToo32
 - GRIN network hashrate:  - 7.6666 KH/s
 - GRIN difficulty:  - 179.4427M
 - GRIN block reward:  - 60.00
 - GRIN 24h volume:  - 1,307,663.03 USD
 - Price for 1 GRIN:  - 0.0630 USD
 - Founded  - 2018

grin mining calculator

- How to use the Grin wallet :

In this link you'll find everything related to the coin wallet, download it and how to install it