What is HyperCash coin ,and what its project ?

A full explanation of The HyperCash coin, its developers, its uses, its most important projects and more we will talk about in this subject

What is HyperCash coin ,and what its project ?
HyperCash coin

- What's Hypercash ?

It is really two block chains a main chain for hyper cache itself and a side chain , based used for connecting different block chains together for exchanges , this allows hyper cache to act as a bridge between different currencies and ecosystems, like bitcoin and ethereum while both currently use mining to create a series of blocks to hold to their individual transaction ledgers there is no way for bitcoin to interoperabate with the ethereum blockchain and vice versa ,transferring value between them requires the use of an exchange typical exchanges charge fees for the exchange ,take time and are often powered by a centralized source.

which can be counter-intuitive for many crypto holders who would prefer to keep their fund and transactions completely decentralized hyper cache.

Solves this problem by operating side chains for blockchain currency transfers , using two types of networks one that is blockchain based and one that uses dag the basic premise of dag, is that instead of a single line of transaction to verify there are multiple streams of transactions that are always being verified.

This allows for faster transaction times while still maintaining security for hyper cash.

- Hypercash and data processing capability

This means that it can process many transactions quickly making it useful for being the intermediary in blockchain transfers by developing two different networks to accommodate for regular blockchain as well as dag .

Hypercach is working to make itself the default exchange service that can handle multiple cryptocurrency networks and rapidly exchange cryptocurrencies between and among these many different networks digital assets ,Like this one are supported by blockcard and you can use them to fund your blockcard account and make purchases at over 50 million merchants worldwide , you can also use block card bank accounts to purchase popular assets like this one register for a free block card account at getblockcard

- A brief explanation

It is a decentralized and open-source multi-platform cryptocurrency and a cryptocurrency for a distributed ledger , that connects different biocks and blocks of blockchain systems to facilitate value transfers across different blockchains

It supports zero proofs, DAO governance, and quantum resistance.

- The most important services provided

HyperCash offers two types of wallets, white and black, The white titles can be viewed publicly and the black remain private 

It allows hiding privacy that hides proofs and anonymity of the sender and recipient during verification of the transactions Hcash

uses a hybrid blockchain / DAG network and a hybrid PoW/PoS consensus model for governance

HC creating a new platform that is able to be "connected" to various blockchains

allowing value and information to circulate freely between networks, redefining the value of the blockchain .

- Use of Hypercash

Hypercash used in governance, mining and paying for the services

- Website https://h.cash
- Symbol HC
- coingecko coinmarketcap Link
- Explorers explorer 
- Total Supply
84,000,000 HC
- Twitter Twitter Link
- Source Code  Source Code Link
- Telegram Channel Telegram Channel link
- Markets  gate, huobi, mexc, hoo and more...