Exclusive explanation of Sentivate token ( SNTVT ) And what are its most important projects ?

What is Sentivate and what are its most important projects. Is it a good investment, that's what we'll know in this article?

Exclusive explanation of Sentivate token ( SNTVT ) And what are its most important projects ?

- About Sentivate ( SNTVT ) token ( review ) :

Project type: Technical

Sentivate (SNTVT) is the first and is a mixture network from centralized and decentraliz ed parts in view of blockchain i.e.

 it is a unified framework improved by decentralized  components and it is a half breed site made to be a simple option in contrast to the cutting edge web. Sentivate ( sntvt ) expects to make an option in contrast to the cutting edge Internet foundation The organization is intended to surpass the capacities of unified and decentralized frameworks in a manner that gives speed, security, and versatility, and furthermore means to settle the data transmission emergency, obsolete conventions, broken DNS servers, absence of responsibility, personality, intelligent security, space rules, and web order. Ssntvt is an erc  symbolic that is gotten by its organization's own Ethash agreement calculation. 

The principle of the Sentivate ( sntvt ) coin  project is to build a hybrid network to be a realistic alternative and a replacement for old websites, so the developers of the SNTVT  coin will combine centralization and decentralization, and one of the characteristics of this new network is that it will be faster and safer and you are all more scalable than any website implemented centrally or centralized as we said before will combine centralization and centralization 

According to the developers of this coin , the current web is very sick and they have the solution and treatment for it at the level of vision, both sides should be used in one coin with a revolution in basic technologies that the central or decentralized web networks can not solve this problem alone, if Sentivate ( sntvt ) is the revolutionary alternative to today's network is a central system focused in its components on decentralization and working together to achieve the maximum good results of the Internet 

On the part of the force, Sentivate ( sntvt ) has limitations characterized by scalability and control and the availability of central networks, how concentrated sentivate network is the internet, but it is improved through decentralized systems and basically promotes central compliance and they all want to use the appropriate tool for it

Also on the level of survival, Token developers believe that we should be realistic if we want to replace the web, where the central aspects of the Web have several positive characteristics, yet integration is a crucial step to establishing a global network

Sentivate ( sntvt ) has been designed to be superior in everything on the internet

- The most important services provided by Sentivate ( sntvt ) :

Permits clients to have two-way correspondence among shipper and collector with insignificant postponement.

It gives a solid, encoded, bi-directional continuous information.

transmission protocol in light of UDP.

Combining decentralization with blockchain and centralization

- Provide a good and scalable Internet other than the current network

- Will provide new applications on a range of technologies and software languages

The new web project that the developers of SNTVT coin ( Sentivate ) seek is very hybrid P Sentivate ( sntvt ) has a hybrid drumming that includes centralization and decentralization

- The structure is fully controlled and no particular device is required to operate.

- What methods will be used in this new web

In this new technology, the SNTVT coin project folder will present the issue of identity registration and accountability, where the identity recorder will verify and sign certificates and also protect the network

- On this basis, the ID registrar will distinguish the good authorities from the bad ones as well as protect the network in a better way

For identity certificates, one certificate is signed at the internet level and another at the level of the identity certificate and these certificates are based on verifying and authenticating customers as well as authorizing them for services.

On this basis, the ID registrar will distinguish the good authorities from the bad ones as well as protect the network in a better way

- Use of Sentivate ( sntvt ) :

It is used in mining and development.

- Sentivate ( sntvt ) TOKEN DETAILS  

- logo sntvt :

sntvt logo

- crypto ranking : #1069

- Sentivate coin Symbol: SNTVT 


- CONTRACT: 0x7865af71cf0b288b4E7F654f4F7851EB46a2B7F8 ( Ethereum )

- MAX SUPPLY: 4,200,000,000 sntvt 

Sentivate TEAM/ADVISORS : 1,050,000,000 (Locked until swap to wVIAT)

- CIRCULATING : 2,535,526,279  SNTVT 

trading  volume  today ( liquidity ) : $3,663 

- where can i trade in sntvt crypto market ( exchange ) listed : 

 you can sell and buy sntvt on this market : 

- kucoin to buy and sell sntvt :kucoin exchange

- uniswap to buy and sell sntvt : uniswap 

- hotbit to buy and sell sntvt : hotbit  

- sntvt price : sntvt is down to almost

- sntvt/usd : 0.0008155 usd 

- sntvt/bitcoin: 0.00000003872 BTC 

- sntvt/eth : 0.0000006846 ETH

- High / low  price : 0.0001 usd / 0.00092 usd 

- coinmarketcap url : CMC

- coin price ( live Time ) : 

- last news of crypto :

Swap Event : On April 9, 2022, SNTVT coin developers launched a process swap Sentivate to bVIAT read  more >> 

- cryptocurrency  wallet : 

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- cryptocurrency charts: 

sntvt chart

The responsibility to invest in this coin Be more than you.  The Flio team doesn't recommend buying any coins or token . 

- Website https://sentivate.com
- Symbol SNTVT
- Coinmarketcap coinmarketcap Link
- Explorers etherscan , ethplorer
- Total Supply
4,200,000,000 STC
- Twitter Twitter Link
- Source Code  Source Code Link
- Telegram Channel Telegram Channel link
- Markets kucoin , uniswaphitbtc