What is share token , is it a best Token for storage and investment ?

share token ( shr ) uses , can you stake it ? how can i buy it ?, all of this we'll know in this article.

What is share token , is it a best Token for storage and investment ?
share token

- The concept of share token and what is its project :

It is an open-source platform based on the blockchain, it takes advantage of distributed ledger technology and the dual-token mechanism.

shr token has a digital utility code that is used to make payments for sharing services across industries and geographies on the ShareRing platform which includes the ShareRing app .

ShareRing Store, and a ShareRing ID for each user. SHR was initially launched as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain , but moved to the BEP2 standard in July 2019.

 With the launch of Share on Binance , it uses delegated Proof of
Stake ( POS ) consensus mechanisms to protect it from a range of attacks

- share tokern services :

Project of ShareRing offers a single decentralized marketplace for many goods and services. Amazon is similar to the service industry , offering many services such as: accommodation , transportation 

Travel , storage and retention of documents such as : passport and
driver's license. 

And service access to sporting or cultural events and guest registrations. Reduce queues through the digital entry process.

SHR also provides services in many areas such as health. education, employment, rents and many different activities where there is no intermediary and therefore there are no additional costs 

SHR offers staking service to stack tokens and earn rewards 

Provides financial services such as Know Your Customer , (KYC) to accelerate and enhance the onboarding and compliance process for financial institutions You can improve customer retention with remote services such as loans and insurance policies

- What is ShareRing :

It is an application that provides you with storage on your mobile phone, you can store the image of your identity documents such as passport, identification card, certificate, certificate of vaccination and most important documents, this application allows you to confirm your identity easily and securely in the sites and platforms that contract with him

For example you registered a new account in the platform binance must take a image of identity and also image yourself in order to activate your account, in case of contract between a contract with ShareRing will The latter submits identity documents, including activating the account instead of you, or when you want to stay in a hotel

ShareRing will introduce you by submitting your identification document, if the principle of the work of this project is to provide the user identity safely, quickly and privately, no one can change your identity information or share it with other people  

- Information and links :

- Name : share token

- Symbol: SHR

-  website : link

-  blockchain : Etherscan , Ethplorerexplorer binance

- Twitter : link

- Reddit : link

- Discord : link

- Source code : link

- Whitepaper : link

- Coinmarketcap : link

-  price : 0.002723 USD / 0.0000001326 bitcoin ( btc ) / 0.000002373 ETH 

- Market Cap: 6,358,256 dollar

- Volume in last 24H : 108,419 USD

-  Circulating Supply:  2.34B shr

- price Live :

- Who are the developers of share token : 

ShareRing was co-founded and by extension SHR , 06 individuals who are : Tim Boss , Rohan Le Page , Peter David , Neville Christie , Jane Sadler Kidd and Barry Brewster.

Bos, David, Christie, Sadler-Kid and Brewster were already developing a solution to provide car sharing and rental technology long before ShareToken and ShareRing appeared and were already trying to make shared services easier. 

- The creation of this white-branded car sharing solution called Keaz means that the founders have learned what is needed to help consumers take advantage of specialized car assembly, delivery and rental programs.

Rohan Le Page, on the other hand, has a wide history in the automotive industry and served as Chief Operating Officer of ShareRing until June 2020

The rest of shareRing's team comes from a wide range of disciplines and includes a mix of developers, engineers, designers, marketing experts and more.

- What distinguishes share token from other cryptocurrency

- ShareRing was one of the first platforms to implement the innovative dual code mechanism — shr token and SharePay (shrp).

-  is the utility crypto used in the ShareRing ecosystem. Meanwhile, SharePay is a stable currency used to make payments for sharing services through the ShareRing platform.

-  used as a means of paying for goods and services between the user and the service provider.

- Using SharePay effectively reduces the complexity associated with cryptocurrencies on the platform,

- This reduces the number of friction points for inexperienced cryptocurrency users.

- At the same time, shr token is used to support the ShareRing ecosystem and decentralized ledger,

- Service providers need to use SHP codes to pay their transaction fees.

- Both digital works in concert to allow consumers to make the most of shareRing. The platform's founders want ShareRing to be Amazon's "service industry," the comprehensive solution to accommodation, transportation and various activities where there is no broker and therefore no additional costs.

- Where can we buy share token :

has been included in several global platforms They can be trading on the following platforms : 

Markets ( exchange ): kucoin , Gate.io  , uniswap , Binanc Dex , Probit Global , BitGlobal

- What is the highest and lowest price has reached :

The highest price of shr token reached was on 31/03/2021 where the price of 1 shr reached 0.09664 dollars, while it was lower at 0.001289 dollars, and the price of  sharetoken at the time of writing of the article is 0.00279 usd

- The most important companies contracted with share token :

It is the most important point that gives credibility to the project, it has contracted several major companies with this project we mention :
blockchain-based service network , tencent cloud , viator travel agent , bithumb , alpha sigma capital , atomic wallet , cosmos  , ramp , kucoin , keaz , fireblocks , mobi , change now , changelly , binanc dex , bitmart . good health pass , alphabit .

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